what if what i want is not listed on your website?

we have access to thousands of plants, so please reach out if there's something that you're looking for and you don't see it listed on the site- we will do our best to try and source it for you

other than what's listed, are there other sizes available for plants?

absolutely! please reach out of there's a particular size and quantity that you are interested in

where do you get your plants from?

we purchase directly from one of north america's largest growers, with more than 1,000 acres in production across 14 farms in southern ontario (they also happen to be one of the nicest group of people you would ever meet!)

when will my order be delivered?

orders are delivered within a week of when you placed your order (spring orders will be delivered beginning mid-may)

can i get plants delivered even though i live outside your delivery area?

absolutely! please reach out with your address and we can give you a quote on what it would cost to deliver

why don't you offer a longer warranty?

here's something everyone needs to know about warranties: generally the longer the warranty, the more expensive the plant is... warranty policies can be challenging to write and because we are offering online expert horticultural advice, we feel that we can troubleshoot the issue and save the plant before it dies, therefore eliminating the need for an extended warranty

my plants seem a wee bit on the small size, why is this?

plants begin their growing cycle in the spring, therefore, a plant will be smaller in the spring, and will continue to grow throughout the season

how often should i water my plants?

water your plants everyday while they're still in the pots and continue doing so until they are planted- ideally sooner than later- plants are much easier to look after once they are in the ground

once planted, continue to water them daily for the first couple of weeks and then once every few days after that for a couple of weeks

please reach out if you have any further questions regarding watering, but generally speaking, you need to water your plant regularly until established and a good soak once a week is much better than a sprinkle every day

what does "sold out" really mean?

sold out can actually indicate a few things:

• it's early in the season, and the plant is not available because it's still growing, and i don't feel comfortable selling you a pot of soil, even if it does contain a fantastic root system

• it could mean that our suppliers are actually out of stock, as there is currently a very high demand for certain plants 

• it can mean that we just haven't updated our stock, so if there's something that you want, and it's showing as sold out, please reach out and we will do our best to source it for you