warranty + guarantee + availability

  • jarvie flora purchases high quality plants from very well established, reputable growers in southern ontario, however, the success of plants depends on several variables that are generally beyond our control, therefore we strongly encourage you to reach out to our horticultural team for advice if your plant appears to be struggling 
  • all plants carry a limited warranty that is valid from the date of purchase until the end of september in the same calendar year
  • plants will only be replaced once under warranty
  • plants exposed to the following conditions are not covered under warranty:
    • extreme weather conditions, including hail, as well as extremes of cold and hot temperatures
    • wildlife, pets and pests
    • pollution, including exhaust from vehicles
    • lack of care, including lack of watering or over-watering
    • poor planting procedures, including selecting an inappropriate location relative to the requirements of the plant (sun/shade)
    • chemical or fertilizer damage or misuse
    • plants used in planters or above ground containers
    • discounted and sale plants are not covered and are considered final sale
    • plants left their pots and not planted in the ground
  • plants will be replaced under warranty only with the proof of purchase (invoice or packing slip), as well as the return of the dead plant along with its root system intact
  • having said all of that, this is the bottom line: we want your plants to thrive, so if your plant is struggling, please reach out to us here (include your order #) and we can assess what the issue is- we want everyone to be happy- including the plants!


  • we guarantee that your order will arrive in good condition and that it is true to type- however, if it is not true to type, please reach out asap and we will make it right
  • please note that because of the living nature of the plants, there will be some variations in colour, texture and size from what is listed, and that sometimes colours can appear differently on various computer screens, but we will do our best to describe the plants as they are


  • all items are subject to availability
  • we will notify you asap if something is not available and suggest possible substitutions