aconitum carmichaelii 'arendsii' (monkshood)*

Size: 1 gallon
  • upright perennial with long, leathery foliage
  • dark green, glossy leaves on strong stems
  • deep blue, hooded flowers
  • bloom time: early to mid-autumn
  • the upper sepal of the flower bears a striking resemblance to the cloth hood worn by a medieval monk, thus the common name "monkshood"
  • zone 2
  • height 100-125cm
  • spread 40-60cm
  • colour blue/purple
  • grows well in full sun but requires sufficient water
  • aconitum grows best where shade is provided in the hot hours of the afternoon
  • relatively slow-growing
  • it won't need to be divided regularly
  • they are very resistant to pests and diseases
  • beware of handling this plant as all parts are highly poisonous
  • full sun, part sun/shade
  • rabbit resistant
  • deer resistant
  • poisonous
  • low maintenance
  • (image courtesy of NVK nurseries, NVK holdings inc.)