bergenia cordifolia (heartleaf bergenia)

Size: 1 gallon

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  • pink flowers on red stems
  • round, heart-shaped leaves have toothed edges
  • evergreen foliage turns reddish-bronze as the season cools
  • bergenia cordifolia species tolerate dry, shaded sites
  • bloom time: early to mid-spring
  • its common name pig-squeak is derived from the sound of rubbing two, wet leaves together, causing a noise similar to a "pig's squeak"
  • zone 3
  • height 40-45cm
  • spread 40-50cm
  • colour pink
  • bergenia will tolerate a wide range of soils, lighting and moisture conditions, but grows best in partial sun, and moist, rich, humus soil
  • bergenia are evergreen, so remove only damaged and tattered foliage as necessary
  • they can be affected by vine weevil, so applying beneficial nematodes twice a year may be required
  • partial sun/shade
  • evergreen in most climates
  • rock garden