campanula carpatica 'blue clips' (carpathian bellflower)

Size: 9cm pot
  • blue, cup-shaped flowers rise slightly above the foliage
  • upward-facing blooms
  • low, compact mounds of sharply toothed, bright green, basal leaves
  • semi-evergreen foliage
  • bloom time: july-october
  • zone 2
  • height 20-25cm
  • spread 30-40cm 
  • colour blue
  • easily grown in an average to moist, well-drained soil, in full sun to partial shade
  • best grown in partial, afternoon shade in hot, summer climates
  • remove spent flowers to encourage additional bloom
  • full sun partial sun/shade
  • long blooming
  • low maintenance
  • evergreen- depending on climate
  • ground cover
  • bog or water garden
  • rock garden
  • (image courtesy of NVK nurseries, NVK holdings inc.)