design consultation

  • new to gardening? not sure where to begin? interested in creating a pollinator garden? or maybe just interested in simply creating a colourful and relaxing space? or perhaps you're not new to gardening but want to freshen up what you have and you're looking for inspiration? then this could be for you!
  • meet with our lead designer (avid gardener and lover of all things colour related!) to discuss your next garden project and they will walk you through what you need to do to prep, plant and maintain your garden

  • available in the leslieville, cabbagetown, riverdale and beaches area (reach out of you live outside those areas and we can sort something out)

  • please reach out to coordinate a time
  • appointments are available on mondays to thursdays between 5-7pm (some day time appointments are available)
  • note: our designer has over 3 years experience designing and transforming traditional commercial properties into large scale gardens, as well as over 6 years designing residential gardens 
  • ideas and plant suggestions will be forwarded to you (via email) one week after consultation