helictotrichon sempervirens 'saphirsprudel' (sapphire blue oat grass)

Size: 1 gallon
  • AKA helictotrichon sempervirens 'sapphire'
  • semi-evergreen ball of spiky blue blades, brighter blue than the species
  • rare blue seed heads turn tan in colour and persist through the winter
  • bloom time: late spring
  • cool season grasses do the majority of their growing in early spring and start again when temperatures start to cool in the fall
  • during the warmer summer months, they stop growing and some will even go dormant
  • cool season grasses flower in the spring or early summer
  • most cool season grasses grow best in a consistently moist soil
  • zone 4 
  • height 60-100cm
  • spread 50-60cm 
  • colour blue
  • thrives in full sun or light shade in a well-drained soil
  • remove dead foliage in the spring
  • clumps need to be divided in the spring every 2-3 years to maintain vigour
  • full sun
  • deer resistant
  • low maintenance
  • evergreen
  • rock garden