juniperus horizontalis 'limeglow' (creeping juniper)

Size: 2 gallon
  • dwarf, mounding, vase-shaped habit
  • feathery, scale-like, evergreen foliage
  • chartreuse-yellow juvenile foliage during the growing season
  • foliage turns shades of copper-bronze in the winter
  • use as a small accent or as a ground cover
  • zone 4 
  • height 45-100cm
  • spread 200-250cm
  • one of the few juniper cultivars that are yellow or golden in colour, providing a sharp contrast to many landscape plants
  • needing little water and tolerant of a wide variety of soil conditions, they are good for erosion control on hillsides
  • full sun, partial sun/shade
  • drought tolerant, once established
  • low maintenance
  • salt tolerant
  • heat tolerant
  • evergreen
  • ground cover
  • (image courtesy of NVK nurseries, NVK holdings inc.)