kalmia latifolia 'minuet' (mountain laurel)*

Size: 2 gallon

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  • brilliant, cinnamon-and-white blooms burst from big, showy, pink buds
  • glossy, medium green leaves
  • compact, rounded habit
  • bloom time: may to june
  • minuet' was hybridized in 1978 by R. Jaynes of broken arrow nursery, hamden, connecticut, USA and introduced in 1987
  • zone 5 
  • height 80-100cm 
  • spread 80-100cm 
  • colour bi-coloured
  • mountain laurel grows best in a well-drained, acidic soil with consistent moisture until it is established
  • they are moderately drought tolerant
  • they show their best, flower colour in full sun, however, they will take some shade
  • any pruning should be done soon after flowering to ensure bud set
  • some winter sun protection is recommended to prevent winter burn
  • full sun, partial sun/shade
  • poisonous
  • evergreen
  • drought tolerant, once established
  • rock garden