philadelphus coronarius 'aureus' (golden mockorange)

Size: 2 gallon
  • creamy-white, bowl-shaped flowers have a citrusy fragrance
  • yellow leaves fade to green providing a colour contrast
  • seed capsules persist into the winter
  • bushy plant with mostly vertical twigs
  • bloom time: summer
  • zone 4
  • height 80-100cm
  • spread 100-125cm
  • colour white
  • mockorange grows best in a well-drained, fertile soil, however, it will tolerate a wide range of soil types and conditions
  • best leaf colour is maintained when plants are protected from the afternoon sun
  • prune by removing dead twigs after flowering
  • full sun, partial sun/shade
  • fragrant
  • rock garden
  • (image courtesy of NVK nurseries, NVK holdings inc.)