pinus strobus (eastern white pine) native

Size: 2 gallon

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  • rapid growing, broadly pyramidal evergreen
  • open branching with a smooth bark
  • long, soft, light green to blue-green needles
  • an excellent tree for parks or lawns 
  • native to ontario and parts of north america
  • grows from newfoundland west through the great lakes region, to southeastern manitoba and minnesota, south along the mississippi basin and the appalachian mountains, and the north part of georgia and mississippi
  • the eastern white pine is the provincial tree of ontario and will grow to over 30 metres in the wild
  • zone 3
  • height 20-24m
  • spread 7-10m
  • this pine is naturally an open grower, however, pinching the candles mid-spring will encourage a more compact form
  • the eastern white pine grows best in a well-drained soil and is not tolerant of heavy air pollutants, such sulphur dioxide and ozone
  • full sun
  • fast growing
  • deer resistant
  • native to ontario
  • evergreen
  • low maintenance
  • (image courtesy of NVK nurseries, NVK holdings inc.)